Teaching Adults to Read with Reading Apprenticeship


This article, written by Michele Lesmeister and published in the February 2010 Techniques, the Association for Career and Technical Education’s flagship magazine, illustrates some of the exciting new work with Reading Apprenticeship at the community college level.

Michele’s piece on her work with Reading Apprenticeship at Renton Technical College is an engaging, relevant read for all teachers, whether their students are bound for college or career.

Michele describes her entry into Reading Apprenticeship practices with candor that invites her readers into her developing practice. Her vignettes of modeling Think Aloud offer insights into her own thinking processes during metacognitive conversation and how her students respond. She traces some of the journey as her students develop new attitudes, dispositions, and approaches to reading through this method of mentoring.

Michele’s vignettes of reading with her adult students, who have been struggling readers, illustrate how they respond to the “on the job” literacy training of Reading Apprenticeship, becoming the more competent and masterful readers she now finds developing in her adult education courses.

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Read Teaching Adults to Read with Reading Apprenticeship online.

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