Biology Students Taught by Reading Apprenticeship® Teachers Make Significant Gains!


The final outcome data from the National Science Foundation (NSF)  study of Reading Apprenticeship in Biology are in and the results are positive!

In this rigorous study, which used the IES standards for controlled experimental design, not only did the biology teachers trained in Reading Apprenticeship make significant changes in their teaching practice, students’ scores on standardized tests in biology, reading comprehension and English language arts improved—a surprising result considering only the biology teacher was using Reading Apprenticeship!

Students whose teachers were trained in Reading Apprenticeship made statistically significant gains on the Content Standards Test (CST) in biology and English language arts and reading comprehension. (For more information on the CST blueprint and released test questions click here.)

The study demonstrates that Reading Apprenticeship has a positive effect on both literacy and content knowledge (see Figure 5, below).

Figure 5: Student State Standardized Test Scores
(Treatment/Control Differences)

Figure 5. State Test Scores

Figure 5. State Test Scores

To read more about this study and the results on the Reading Apprenticeship website, click here.

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